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Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn is located at the east gate of Wulingyuan National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie. It is a five minute walk to the National Forest Park. The hotel is adjacent to Xibu street, eternal love and charming Xiangxi. After visiting the scenic area during the day, you can enjoy the night scenery of Wulingyuan or watch large-scale stage plays at night. There are large supermarkets, restaurants, complete supporting facilities, convenient to play.
The hotel has all glass plank road in the air. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Zhangjiajie at any time. There are all kinds of facilities such as sightseeing elevator and open-air swimming pool. The construction specifications and quality are unique. Push the window to see the mountain, push the door to play in the water, looking up is the starry sky
Adhering to the design concept of 'people-oriented, back to nature', the hotel uses cement, lime, log and stone as decoration materials as far as possible, which brings people closer to each other ? Natural distance. And in the public area, the old objects, such as old jars, wooden rocking chairs, bamboo baskets, stone grinders and stone troughs, wardrobes and bookcases, which Xiangxi people are used to, are skillfully placed, so that the residents can really appreciate the most authentic, simple and real Xiangxi Folk Culture.
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FAQs when booking at Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn
  • How far is the hotel from Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport?

    Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn is 29.4km from the airport.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn?

    Each costs cny28 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Zhangjiajie Maosao Inn?

    The room prices is from cny298, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • domi138
    Very good, very good
  • s758835062
    The entrance of the inn is very small, so it's hard to find, but it's really a cave inside. It's so beautiful. You can light a fire and drink tea on the first floor. It's really comfortable to come back to the fire after a day's play. Special thanks to the housekeeper, little sister Zhang Dan. She is very friendly and the service is super good. She also gave us a map and breakfast, planned the route for us, and manually liked it. The hotel has a free parking lot, and the breakfast is also very delicious. The most important thing is that the room has a warm floor. It's amazing.
  • e00162104
    I'm glad I'm late, but the little sister at the front desk is still waiting for us patiently. When I came earlier, I looked at the online reservation information of Wulingyuan and found that maosao Inn has received a lot of praise. I'll try it for the time being. The little sister at the front desk seems to be Anna. She's really careful. I said there's no fun route here? My little sister immediately helped me plan the route of the forest and recommended a place to eat. She was very friendly. She also specially told me that there was a warm floor in the room and the room was very unique. She had never lived in the tatami bed of damuzhuang. It was super cool and the hygiene was very good. I will take my friend to choose this one next time. It's really great and highly recommended.
  • njuroy
    Very good B & B
  • sun195cm
    The room is clean, tidy and comfortable
  • e01236347
    It's very good, but the bathroom is a little small, the room is very clean, the boss is very good, help guide the tour route, it's close to Wulingyuan, Didi is 6 yuan!
  • cls6570
    What a surprise. I booked an inn casually because I arrived too late. It was really beyond my expectation. It was very cold at night. When we arrived at the store, the little girl at the front desk prepared us hot tea and felt very warm. We also upgraded our room to a quiet room for free. It was great. The room was also super clean and the floor was warm. I was surprised. The service was highly praised by 5 stars, and the room was highly praised by 5 stars, Extremely satisfied, recommended
  • liugang1964
    The B & B is not bad, but the room is a little small
  • emyluo
    Good, good, convenient
  • e00068540
    It's like this
  • e00328009
    It's very good. The hotel is very westernized, and you can enjoy the swimming pool. Wet and dry separation of sanitary ware. The front desk lady thought that we liked the big bed room on the second floor that the swimming pool offered us to upgrade, but we preferred the room with wide view and quiet on the high floor. She declined her kindness and gave us breakfast tickets. Breakfast was delicious, with instant noodles. The location of the hotel is very good. The gate is the bus stop. You can take no.1/3 bus to the sign gate. When you go out, turn right and walk a little bit to Xibu street. Xibu street has a bonfire party at 930 in the evening.
  • IvanPaul
    The 4-storey tatami double bed can sleep three people together. There is also a skylight to see the stars, but it is not suitable for sleeping in.????
  • Coopen
    It's pretty good
  • jurriens
    It's a very warm place
  • CCSeeSea
    The environment is very good, and the boss is also very good. The sister at the front desk will help plan the route. The top floor is invincible and suitable for taking photos. It's good to take photos. 555555. There's also a swimming pool. You should bring your own swimsuit. The second floor is on the first floor of the swimming pool, the third floor has a small balcony, and the fourth floor has a skylight to see the stars? The location is also very good. It takes about ten minutes to walk to the ticket office of Forest Park. Perfect.
  • ooor99
    I had breakfast outside
  • aaccdd
    Two nights, good
  • alexguan001
    It can be very good
  • tsb100
    Very good. I ordered it for my classmates
  • leeyan
    The room is clean and the environment is elegant
    Rush to comment to stay in the hotel, because it is off-season, not many people, so also free to give me a room with floor heating. There is also a stove and hot tea in the hall. The boss is a warm and kind little sister. When she comes in, she pours tea for her. Then she takes the trouble to explain the nearby tourism strategies and help book tickets. The people are super good. If she has a chance to go to Wulingyuan in the future, it's still the first choice. Conscience recommends it to the tourists who need it!!
  • e00830539
    I saw this inn by accident on the Internet. I thought it was very special, so I ordered a special room for one night. When I went there, my little sister at the front desk specially upgraded the floor heating suite for me, which was very comfortable. When I went in, I poured a cup of hot tea, which was very warm. Because the weather was a little cold, these small details were really warm, The little sister at the front desk is also very enthusiastic about planning the route for me and recommending delicious places. For me who is not familiar with my life, it's really practical. I strongly recommend it to you. It's really good!
  • oldoiloiloil
    It's the first time to live in a hot hotel in the south! Warm and comfortable! Parking is very convenient! The tour and food strategy is very useful. The decoration is simple and elegant, with idyllic style. The warm guide notice board for foreign tourists shows a beautiful business card for Wulingyuan!
  • benben168
    It's a nice hotel. It's clean and hygienic. It has a laundry room and a swimming pool. Children like it. It's very close to Xibu street
  • junyi86
    The decoration is very distinctive. It feels strange to put one on the third floor. The boss is very bold in decoration
  • annie4134
    Good location, considerate service, the best choice next time
    Good location and cost-effective price
  • ericspa
    Breakfast has become a buffet instead of the previous western food, and there are no previous resident singers. The doorway corridor has become a beer drinker, which is more eye-catching. Fortunately, the hotel is well located, the parking is convenient, and it is not too far from the entrance of the scenic spot
  • sisternanny
    It's a great inn. The front desk lady is also very good. She patiently explains the route and helps us change to the room next to the swimming pool. It's also very busy. You can go out at night and have a look at the scenery on the roof. It's a great experience
  • Amadeus
    It's OK. The room is not big. The top floor arranged for us is a slope roof room. The side facing the street is very low and can't see anything
  • apocarp
    Very nice hotel!
  • yungngen
    The environment is very good. There is a swimming pool, but it is not recommended to live on the fourth floor. The air conditioner on the fourth floor is not very cold. The service attitude is very good. It is suitable for children. There is free parking
  • wfwcj
    A very good experience. It's very clean. The waiters are very polite and enthusiastic. They also helped us upgrade our room. It's also very close to the scenic spot. I feel very good. I'll choose here next time
  • andy000
    The hotel is OK, but in the attic, it is inclined, and half of it is relatively short
  • opium1113
    It's scheduled for two days. It's very comfortable and leisurely. I've lived for another day. The price is quite reasonable. Coffee rest area, swimming area, clothes drying area, open-air garden, fitness equipment, children have a good time swimming. It's also convenient around. Go out and turn right to Xibu Street, turn left for a section of road. The charming Xiangxi performance square is also close to the sign door of the forest park. It's also convenient to eat around. It's basically not too hot to go out Order takeout and send it directly to the room.. the staff are very kind and happy memories. They will stay again
  • anycoco
    I like the room very much. Be sure to come again next time.
  • nngold
    The environment of the inn was very good and the service attitude was very good. We booked a total of 5 rooms. We arrived at more than 5 a.m. and arranged 4 rooms for us to rest before the delivery. Help us plan the route and make us tea every time we go back to the store. It's very close to the scenic spot and Xibu street. Very satisfied with a trip.
  • m00723975
    I originally ordered tatami bed. When I saw that the waterscape room was good, I immediately upgraded the room. My sister at the front desk also taught me how to play Wulingyuan. The service attitude was very good. I recommend you to stay here. There is a swimming pool on the second floor. If you need to swim, you should remember to bring swimsuits. The front desk of the hotel also has to buy swimsuits. The price is as good as Taobao. I'm very satisfied with the hotel
  • bjces
    The hotel is small and exquisite. What should be praised is the roof garden and the swimming pool in the middle of the quadrangle, as well as the guitar singer beside the swimming pool. The glass roof in the room is also unique, so that the roadside rooms don't need to open curtains, but it's better to add a layer of screen windows!
  • jili99
    The environment is very good, the service is very good, and I like the pattern very much. I like the sky garden on the top floor. I like watching the stars in summer. Ha ha ha ha?? The tatami we ordered directly upgraded us to a double bed room. I'm very happy?? It also well recommended us the tour route of the forest park. It's great?? They also recommended their delicious food, and it was only ten minutes by bus from the sign gate (forest park entrance), a few minutes by taxi, twelve or three minutes from the bus station, and it was near the road. That day, the driver's uncle told us that maosao was still very famous in Wulingyuan?? It's just that the taxi driver is too stupid. If you're from other places, you don't play a watch and shout directly! So go out and take the bus or Didi
  • i55522700
    Yes, twice. There's a pool
  • e00022986
    Breakfast is delicious. Rice noodles are made now. You can challenge Houttuynia cordata??. The little sister at the front desk was very friendly and patiently recommended hotels and planned routes. The room is very clean. It is cleaned regularly. There are no consumer goods. It is very convenient to leave and return. There are many banks, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and fruit stores around, which are very convenient,
  • adonisdan
    The breakfast was excellent and clean. The little sister and brother at the front desk were very good. The hotel environment was excellent, but the toilet was a little small??
  • Greenleaf70
    The hotel decoration feels very good, especially the bed. The bedstead made of logs feels very stylish!
  • ai....
    The hotel is very good. The boss also helped to plan the trip to Wulingyuan. I had a great time!
  • DSB0915
    It's close to Xibu street
  • angsi010
    The hotel environment is very comfortable, with its own swimming pool. It's very comfortable to come and swim after climbing the mountain every day! Breakfast is also good. Change it every day. The room is also very big. I hope to come again next time!
  • alex0704
    Zhangjiajie wanghong store is occupied by many foreigners. There is a drying area, which is very humanized
  • ww1234
    My daughter and I travel freely. The people here are really enthusiastic
  • rujuan218
    Very good, convenient transportation, clean room and good environment
  • yituwei
    Comfortable, concise and fashionable, the first choice for Zhangjiajie tourism,??
  • ffddfdfd
    How is the suite? The floor heating is very comfortable